In the heart of the ochre massif in Roussillon in the Luberon mountains, the former Mathieu ochre factory is now a centre for materials used in making colours. The 5 hectares of the site for washing ochre retain all the character of this industry and the 2,000 square metres of former ochre mills are home today to the Conservatoire for learning and practising the art of colour.

Not to be missed! Until 31 May: Discover the completely new exhibition, Monik Huygens’ “Tenues de couleurs” (Colourful clothes)
In this exhibition with 40 panels with illustrations and samples, Monik Huygens presents the story of colours in Western women’s clothing from prehistoric times to the present.
It includes illustrations by the artist and samples of fabrics from each period.
The artist, fascinated with colours, has sought, throughout the history of our clothing, to find hidden treasures of colour: cochineal from Armenia, saffron from India, madder from Arabia...
Children’s workshops address the following questions:
How is dye made? How are clothes given colour? Why put colour on one’s skin? How are pastels made? How are the Christmas crib figurines known as santons made? How is food colouring made? Etc.

  • Tour of the Mathieu factory
  • Children’s workshops at Ôkhra:
  • Visit Roussillon